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Pastel Cartel Esco Bars

Pastel Cartel Vape

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Pastel Cartel vape is the best vape and come with a 50mg nicotine strength and offer 2500 Puffs. Notable features include high-quality flavour and vapour production. Moreover, these disposables are available in more than 15 different flavours. The Esco Bar brand is well-known for its attractive looking vape pens which are elegant yet affordable.

Pastel Cartel

Pastel Cartel Esco Bars

Pastel Cartel Esco Bars is sure to please you… and your taste buds. Esco Bars come in an array of delicious flavors including all new options from Esco Bars X Ripe Collection. Because this vape pen features a mesh coil, you can expect powerful flavor output that lasts as long as the device. This amazing flavor output is complemented well with smooth, satisfying nicotine delivery.


Fruitia x Esco Bars is the newer, bigger brother of the Original Brand, and available in brand new flavors. Designed here in Texas, each Escobar vape Mega is designed around complex American flavor preferences and feature unique flavors not available in any other brand on the market. A mesh coil produces dense vapor and amazing flavor reproduction down to the last vape (unlike some other brands which fade towards the end of life).

Pastel Cartel Vape
Pastel Cartel vape

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